New on the blogroll (9/14/16)

There are new additions to the blogroll (in the right-hand column). In most cases these are blogs that have started fairly recently. They are very diverse, but all deal with nudity in some way or other. The quality is quite good (or else they wouldn’t be in the blogroll). Being in the blogroll means they are recommended, although I may not agree with particular opinions expressed.

In general, these new additions feature more than the routine, tradional sort of naturist material (“I went to the local nude beach yesterday, and…”, “It’s getting cold around here now and I need to wear a sweater…”, “The disco night at our local club was just…”, “This article on nudism in my newsfeed ticked me off…”, etc.) Instead you’re likely to find creative, original thoughts about nudity and naturism, reports of nude/naked activities that expand the boundaries of traditional naturism, posts that show you aspects of naturism that may be new to you, and good links to similarly interesting material from other blogs. (However, there shouldn’t be any actual porn.)

Quotations used in site descriptions are taken from the site itself.

Brief summary of each addition (in alphabetical order):

Casually Buff

This blogger mainly offers reports on naturist happenings around the world, based on his preference for being as “completely naked as possible.” “My site is a celebration of my lifestyle, its influences and events. And the wider wonderful world of Naturism,” he explains.

Naja Narayana

Naja is a young woman, born in Denmark, who has traveled to many countries in search of a life that is meaningful to her. Her blog is a very personal account of her journey. Nudity and dancing have been among her most significant discoveries.

“I would at occasions take off all my clothes.
I felt like: “This is all there is. My wild untamed spirit. My naked body. The dirt, the bass, the sky, the stars.”


It’s sort of a combination of naturist news site and blog. Posts are in several categories (select from topics listed on the menu at the top of the page). Although the site is based in Brazil, some posts may deal with naturism anywhere. Most posts are in English (or optionally, Spanish), though some are in Portuguese (use Google Translate).

Our Naturist Blog

The blogger writes: “I’m Miles, an artist living in SW Cornwall. I’m lucky enough to live within a stones throw of one of the most beautiful naturist beaches in the UK. Molly and i have been naturists for around five years. We like to get to the beach whenever we can which sadly isn’t often enough and we try to sneak in one or two naturist holidays every year. Oh and the occasional naked disco from time to time!”

Most posts are either reblogs from other sites, or naturist experiences of Miles and Molly.

Spirited Bodies

Posts on this blog describes events, led by professional life models, that prepare people to help themselves through the discipline of life modeling.

“People come to model with Spirited Bodies to experience being nude with others in a relaxed environment, for the creation of art.

They want to face body issues and feel the warmth of human bonding in a way our society rarely offers; to be seen as a work of art and have the opportunity to express oneself in moments of silence and stillness.”

The SL Naturist 2

“SL-FKK is a blog reporting on the naturist lifestyle in the virtual world of Second Life. We also report on naturism in the real world around the globe, and will often apply Second Life situations to naturism as it exists in the real world.”

You may be surprised at how relevant naturism found in the “imaginary” world of Second Life is to naturism in the “real” world.

View from a grassey knoll

The blogger writes: “I am an Australian married man with teenage children, dog and surrounded by the great Australian bush. This blog reflects my thoughts, comments and discoveries on Christianity and Naturism (nudism).”

Non-Christians need not be put off by this, since many of the posts are links to interesting articles by other writers.

Weed and Naturism

“I’m a naturist, I smoke weed, and I’m a good person. Being a weed smoker and a naturist is NOT a reflection on my ethics. I’m not into porn, I don’t want to see your junk. What I’m into is self-expression. Being naked and smoking weed is a personal journey and a personal choice.”

“This blog is dedicated to marijuana and non-sexual nudity. Marijuana and the nude human body are both natural. Both nudity and weed have been stigmatized. I want to have an open discussion about the positive effects of responsible marijuana use and being nude.”


Feel free to suggest in the comments additional naturist blogs you know of that have quality similar to those above.

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8 Responses to New on the blogroll (9/14/16)

  1. casuallybuff says:

    Thanks so much for this mention and for including Casually Buff in your BlogRoll. Much appreciated.

  2. casuallybuff says:

    Reblogged this on CasuallyBuff and commented:
    Thanks to Naturist Philosopher for including Casually Buff in his website Blogroll

  3. nakedwanderings says:

    Hi, nice list of blogs you got there!
    We are also running a blog on of which we think it might fit your criteria. You’re most welcome to have a look.

  4. stiano53 says:

    I have been looking for reputable sites that have discourse about naturism, because so much out there that purports to be naturist is prurient. This blogroll has a lot of good content in it and helps me feel more connected to the community.

  5. As I am seeking out more naturist blogs I discovered that “Weed and Naturism” has been deleted by the owners.

    I also think you’d enjoy this campaign for a book of Fine Art photography of people naked, vulnerable and joyous in nature, among trees. 12 years and over 120 photographs from Jack Gescheidt’s “” show the world the joy and freedom of being naked-in-nature!
    This is the link:

    It’s a crowdfunding campaign, which means no money will be released until the goal is 100% reached. Only when enough people pledge their support, can it be produced. You can choose from several pledges. Only if the goal is reached will the funds be released and can the book be produced. It’s a zero-risk investment.

    BLOGGERS can get a free signed book with their own referral link. Sign up here

    Thank you for your help in spreading the news and raising awareness of the importance of trees and how natural nudism is.
    ps1: I am located in Charleston, SC ~ right in the middle of the Holy City … nudism still has a long way to go here…

    ps2: The deadline for the campaign is looming so any link, promo, or blog post will be a huge help.

  6. Naturist Fab says:

    I follow Casually Buff and Naked Wanderings but will definitely look up your other mentions. It is always good to read about other legitimate bloggers of naturism.

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