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What’s holding naturism back?

Now that we have a fairly long list of obvious problems facing people who enjoy social nudity, it’s time to try to figure out what are the main underlying causes for the problems. Only after carefully considering the possible causes … Continue reading

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Why isn’t social nudity thriving?

As promised, we’re going to discuss the problems facing social nudity in the U. S. currently. It’s generally recognized by people who enjoy social nudity that there are lots of problems. Hardly anyone would deny that. A golden age for … Continue reading

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The entrepreneurial attitude towards naturism

Successful entrepreneurs have always known that they must not be afraid to fail at some endeavor. One of the most famous of all, Thomas Edison, for example, often said things like[1] Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most … Continue reading

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Naturist Philosopher on Twitter

As you can see in the sidebar at right. Will be interesting to see how useful this is. If Twitter’s your thing, try @naturistphilos.

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“But aren’t you freaked out about everyone seeing your body’s flaws?”

“But aren’t you freaked out about everyone seeing your body’s flaws?” As a naturist, I actually freak out less about that stuff. It’s helped me cope with body issues – and it’s helped me accept the growing baby bump. As … Continue reading

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Naturism and creativity

I had a problem. Last year I was fortunate to reconnect on Facebook, unexpectedly, with a good female friend from high school, which was many years ago. I liked this person very much for her cheerfulness, good humor, and general … Continue reading

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Walt Whitman talks about “I Sing the Body Electric”

Interviewer: Good evening, everyone. Tonight we have the unique privilege of having Walt Whitman himself sit down with us for a candid interview on his marvelous new poem, “I Sing the Body Electric“. Let’s skip over the usual preliminaries and … Continue reading

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Nature was meant to be experienced naked

Trying to experience nature with clothes on is like trying to view a beautiful landscape in a fog. You may enjoy getting a vague idea of what’s there, but you’re missing a large part of the whole. Our skin is … Continue reading

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Nakedness is the special sauce

Nakedness is the special sauce that enhances so many of life’s finest, most profound experiences: Quality time spent with families – meals, celebrations, etc. Social gatherings and parties with good friends Practice of yoga and meditation Pagan esbats, spiritual ceremonies … Continue reading

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Teaching naked yoga… and authenticity

Why I Teach Naked Yoga If you had told me even a year ago that this is something I would ever even entertain the thought of for just five seconds, I would have said, “Go back to Andromeda where you … Continue reading

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