Jack Gescheidt’s TreeSpirit Project needs supporters to get published

Jack Gescheidt is an accomplished photographer who’s been working for over a dozen years on a project that celebrates the natural beauty of both awe-inspiring trees – such as oaks, cypresses, and sequoias – and the naked human body. The project has been known, from its inception, as the TreeSpirit Project.

On the project’s website you can learn all about the project, watch videos explaining the philosophy behind it and introducing Gescheidt himself, see many full-size sample photographs (and purchase prints in the gallery), and learn how you can participate yourself. (Especially if you live in or near California. The next opportunities are in June and September of this year, among giant sequoias.)

Gescheidt is now ready to publish a fine art coffee table book featuring his best project work. But to make this happen support is needed for this KickStarter project by May 6, 2017. All naturists should take the time to evaluate for themselves whether this is indeed an outstanding artistic endeavor that will benefit naturism, promote respect for the natural world, and help spread the artist’s vision to a much wider audience.

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