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Benefits of social nudity: building self-confidence

Everybody certainly understands this experience. You recognize aspects of your life in which you seem to fall short and where you hope to improve. Perhaps you have a problem with procrastination, or inability to manage your time well, or a … Continue reading

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Benefits of social nudity: finding something good that’s missing from your life

Ordinary life, for most people, is missing something very good: being naked, for its own sake, while doing something enjoyable with people you like. Because most people seldom, if ever, experience that, they aren’t even aware of what they are … Continue reading

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Benefits of social nudity: body acceptance

Many lists have been compiled over the years enumerating the many beneficial characteristics of social nudity. One typical recent list highlights 10 benefits: 10 reasons why I am a nudist. At the top of this one, like most others, is: … Continue reading

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