Fully Disclothed

Here’s a very impressive photography project that describes itself thusly:

Fully Disclothed is a photography project in the name of self-exposure; it is an invitation for people to disturb their ordinary day-to-day activities and do something they thought they wouldn’t, while doing what they usually do.

This project invites Torontonians –especially those who would never be photographed naked– to be photographed naked in their space, doing their thing – whether that be painting, meditating, or creating internet memes.

The resulting photos end up here, so these people can know themselves as someone with enough guts to be naked on the internet. In a few words to accompany the photo, they can say what the experience meant to them.

It is the work of Kailie Ridsdale and Joslyn Kilborn. Along with the photographs, the subjects write a few paragraphs on their feelings about the experience of being photographed naked, usually for the first time. There are many good testimonials to how easy it is to overcome the usual fears and become comfortable being naked.

Via: Through a Naturist’s Lens

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