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Women are speaking out on being naked

Nudity needs to become the new normal Normalize and desensitize. We need more nudity, not less. But by more nudity, I don’t just mean more perfection, more sanitization, more photoshopped, starving, plastic models. The sight of a breast should neither … Continue reading

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Nature was naked, and I was also

Nature was naked, and I was also. It was too lazy, soothing, and joyous-equable to speculate about. Yet I might have thought somehow in this vein: Perhaps the inner never lost rapport we hold with earth, light, air, trees, &c., … Continue reading

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Human bodies are words

Human bodies are words, myriads of words, (In the best poems re-appears the body, man’s or woman’s, well-shaped, natural, gay, Every part able, active, receptive, without shame or the need of shame.) – Walt Whitman, “A Song of the Rolling … Continue reading

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Our homes – our rules

The previous post here (How do women really feel about nudity?) has attracted many readers, but has generated surprisingly little discussion. Curiously, one point that has been raised was somewhat tangential to the main topic. I cited an article by … Continue reading

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How do women really feel about nudity?

The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?’ That, according to Freud’s biographer Ernest … Continue reading

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Questions for naturists and nudists to think about

It seems as though we’re always asking ourselves certain questions about our enjoyment of nudity in general and social nudity in particular. This is quite healthy and isn’t any indication that we doubt that such enjoyment is quite proper and … Continue reading

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Naturist/nudist photos online

Probably just about all naturists know that many very prominent public Internet sites enforce a nearly total ban on naturist/nudist photos containing nudity that’s considered totally proper by naturists and nudists themselves. And this is in spite of the stated … Continue reading

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Socialization and the nudity taboo

The essence of socialization is to make people dependent on social controls, to have them respond predictably to rewards and punishments. And the most effective form of socialization is achieved when people identify so thoroughly with the social order that … Continue reading

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Of all the “luxuries” of modern civilization that only serve to make us less happy, clothing is one of the easiest to dispense with, because nudity itself is so pleasurable.

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Body dysmorphic disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is the clinical term for an acute form of psychological distress. It is considered a type of mental illness when it impairs an individual’s ability to function reasonably well in social contexts. According to Wikipedia, in … Continue reading

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