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Why isn’t social nudity thriving?

As promised, we’re going to discuss the problems facing social nudity in the U. S. currently. It’s generally recognized by people who enjoy social nudity that there are lots of problems. Hardly anyone would deny that. A golden age for … Continue reading

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Naturist/nudist photos online

Probably just about all naturists know that many very prominent public Internet sites enforce a nearly total ban on naturist/nudist photos containing nudity that’s considered totally proper by naturists and nudists themselves. And this is in spite of the stated … Continue reading

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Finding the courage to enjoy social nudity

Our society in the U. S., as in most other counties, is generally quite hostile to open nudity. It’s considered OK for a person to be naked in a few limited circumstances, and even to enjoy that nakedness in some … Continue reading

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Nude paintings blocked in German school spark debate

An adult education centre in Berlin has hung a collection of nude paintings days after censoring them out of deference to Muslim immigrants in what critics Wednesday called an overzealous bid at cultural sensitivity. The paintings’ exclusion from an exhibition … Continue reading

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