Grassroots naturism, part 4

Introduction to the story
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Sandra Green: [standing at start of driveway to the U. U. fellowship hall] Hi, folks. Are you here for the bake sale?

Brock Williams: [in driver’s seat of family SUV] Yes, this is the right day isn’t it?

Sandra: Oh, yes, it’s the right day for sure. You saw our latest newsletter, didn’t you?

Brock: No, but Alana probably did. Did you get their latest newsletter, Alana?

Alana Williams: [sitting in front seat beside Brock] Well, usually I do. But I might have found this date in an earlier newsletter.

Sandra: I don’t believe I’ve met you folks before, but everyone’s welcome here – for our bake sales and any other events.

Alana: I’m afraid we haven’t looked into joining your fellowship here. My mother, Ginny, was a member, and she put us on your mailing list. However, because of her declining health, she’s now in a nursing home near my sister’s place. She always spoke highly of your group, but Brock and I aren’t particularly religious folks, so we were afraid we wouldn’t really fit in.

Sandra: [laughing] Well, many or most of us aren’t all that religious either. Actually, we’re not really concerned about what beliefs anyone of our group has – that’s sort of a private thing. I suppose you could say we’re mostly a social group these days – those of us who’re still around. Is your mother Ginny Franklin?

Alana: Yes, that’s my Mom.

Sandra: I always liked Ginny. She had such a great sense of humor, though we weren’t the closest of friends. I think somebody told me that she had to go into a nursing home in another state, so I didn’t really try to find out any more. I’m Sandra Green, by the way. The next time you talk with her, please tell her that I said our whole group is sorry she’s not able to be with us, and we all hope your sister is taking good care of her.

Alana: I’ll definitely do that.

Sandra: There’s a particular reason I asked whether you’ve seen our latest newsletter. We’re delighted to have you here for the bake sale, but there’s one detail we want to be sure everyone who’s here for that is aware of. Sara Holmes, who’s the chair of our Board of Directors, became involved with a small group of very nice people. We had quite a lovely spaghetti dinner with them a couple of weeks ago, and on that occasion they proposed to arrange a special event to go along with our bake sale. Did your mother ever mention to you that Sara and her late husband were nudists?

Alana: Um, now that you mention it, I think she did. Not that she felt there was anything wrong with that, of course. Everyone’s entitled to their own lifestyle, as long as it’s not harmful to anyone.

Sandra: Everyone in our group agrees with that 100%. But as far as I know, none of us other than Sara has or had a personal interest in that lifestyle. We’re an open-minded bunch, however, and we enjoy learning about people with diverse lifestyles. So we were happy to share dinner with Sara’s nudist friends. And, of course, we made it clear to them that they should feel entirely welcome to not wear any clothes around us, if that’s what they prefer.

Alana: That’s very generous of you. I wouldn’t expect any less. I’m sure my mother would feel the same way you do. So, are you trying to explain that some of these nudist friends are here now – and not wearing any clothes?

Sandra: Yes, that’s correct. In fact, we expect any visitors today should also feel free to dress – or not dress – any way they want. I suppose nobody would even object to anyone being naked at our regular meetings – if that’s how they felt most comfortable. But we want to be sure you’re aware of that, in case it would be a problem for anyone in your family.

Alana: So, there are actually people just wandering around naked here?

Sandra: Well, in fact, there’s more to it than that. The nudists are having – with our full approval – what they call a “Bare Fair”. There are activities for anyone who’s interested. For the younger kids there’s a bounce house, a water slide, hula hoops, and stuff like that. For older folks there’s body painting, a couple of badminton nets, and yoga instructions. Also, there are a few people with crafty stuff for sale – paintings, ceramics, knitted things, and so on.

Alana: But no bake sale?

Sandra: Oh, there’s also the usual baked goodies – pies, cookies, cakes, bread, etc. All the baked goods are donated, so all the proceeds go to utilities and maintenance for our fellowship hall. Anything beyond what we need goes to charities. That also applies to some or all of the proceeds from the crafts. Except for clothing being optional, what’s here is just an expansion of the bake sale idea.

Brock: Are there actually kids here too – in spite of all the nudity?

Sandra: Yes, absolutely. Sara, being a nudist herself, assures us that all nudist activities are suitable for children of any age. There’s no sexuality involved. Sara’s the most honest person around, and we trust each other. There were a few young people – teenagers – at the spaghetti dinner. And today we have some younger kids here too.

Brock: The kids are also allowed to be naked?

Sandra: Sure. We do expect their parents to watch them carefully. Most of the families who’re here with children probably have relatives or good friends that belong to our congregation. This hasn’t been advertised to the general public. But we encouraged everyone who’d be coming to invite anyone else they thought wouldn’t mind mingling with naked people, might enjoy the Bare Fair, and – of course – would be expected to behave appropriately.

Alana: Are there rules like, I don’t know, avoiding inappropriate touching?

Sandra: Yes, absolutely. But, Sara assures us, nudists are sticklers for “proper” behavior. We didn’t want to hand out a long list of rules for people who aren’t familiar with nudist etiquette, so that’s one reason I’m standing here. It’s to make sure everyone who comes in is either known to one of our members, or else understands what’s expected of them. That’s my job today. Maybe I should mention, just so you know, there’s no photography allowed that would include anyone without their – or their parent’s – permission.

Alana: [speaking to her children] What do you kids think? Does this sound like it might be fun – even if you’ll be seeing naked people?

Kathya: Yes, Mom, please – let’s do it! I love bounce houses, and this sounds really interesting. Don’t you agree, Carson?

Carson: Yeah, sure. What’s the big deal? We’ve seen naked people before. Body painting could be even more fun than face painting – because it’s all over! The water slide sounds like fun too.

Brock: Wait a minute, Alana. Do you really think this is such a good idea? We have no idea what all the people here might be like. Carson and Kathya know, basically, what naked people look like. But mostly from pictures – not right up close.

Alana: Oh, Brock. Don’t you remember? In our old neighborhood there was this nudist family that lived on the next street over – the Hendersons. Carson and Kathya both played with their kids occasionally. In fact, didn’t they have a swimming pool – and everyone in their family went in naked, at least a few times when our kids were around?

Kathya: Yeah, Dad. Carson and I always wore a bathing suit at the Hendersons, but none of them did. And their kids were naked almost every time we saw them at their place. Like Carson said, it wasn’t any big deal.

Brock: Well, maybe. But we didn’t bring any bathing suits for you kids. What are you going to do if you want to use the water slide? Strip down to your underwear?

Alana: I don’t see why they couldn’t go naked if they felt like it, Brock. Especially if they want to be body painted. I assume body paint washes off skin easily enough – but it might stain clothes. You aren’t going to go all prude on us, are you?

Brock: No, of course not. But what about you, Alana? I assume you have no interest in stripping naked with a bunch of strangers around.

Alana: Um, probably not. But I must admit I’m curious to meet a number of real-life nudists. We didn’t know the Hendersons very well at all, but it wasn’t traumatic when we were in their home to drop off or pick up our kids and we saw them naked briefly. It never seemed to me like they felt any embarrassment being seen naked. In fact, the nudity seemed perfectly normal – for them. If people enjoy being naked and aren’t doing that to shock anyone, what business is it of ours? Come on, Brock. Bodies are just bodies. We all know what they look like.

Sandra: That’s just how we feel too. Go ahead on in, folks. There’s plenty of parking around the fellowship hall. Everyone in our group got used to being around nudists very quickly. The bunch we know, at least, are very nice people. Talk to a few of them. Ask them what they like about being nudists. I bet you’ll have a fine time. But if you go on up to where everyone is and you still don’t feel good about it, you don’t need to stick around. That’s no problem. We’ll understand.

Brock: [speaking to Alana] You don’t expect to stay here very long, do you? I mean, we just came looking for some cookies and pies to offer our guests this weekend, and the bake sales here have always been pretty good.

Alana: Are you in any hurry to get back home, Brock? What if this turns out to be really interesting?

Brock: Well, I was hoping to get back home soon, because it looks like we might have some rain later, and I need to mow the lawn.

Alana: Really? You don’t usually seem especially very eager to do things like lawn mowing.

Brock: Yeah, but I like doing it even less in the rain. Besides, how could this possibly be interesting? That time we visited a nude beach on our vacation in California it seemed like most of the people were, um, let’s just say well past their prime? You didn’t feel like staying there very long either.

Alana: Oh, so you think that nudists or naturists or whatever they call themselves are only interested in seeing good-looking naked bodies? Those people on the nude beach didn’t exactly seem like movie stars or fashion models, but who does, really? There must be other reasons they like going naked besides voyeurism.

Brock: Uh, huh. It’s those other reasons I’m inclined to be suspicious about.

Carson: Mom, look! There’s the naked people! Lots of them. Can’t we do this, please?

Kathya: Yeah, Dad. I agree. There’s three of us who want to check this out.

Brock: OK, OK. I’m not going to be the wet blanket. But don’t you kids go wandering off by yourselves. You need to stick with either me or your mother at all times. Got it?

Alana: Right, kids. I don’t think there’s anything to be afraid of, but we don’t know any of these people besides the U. U. folks, so let’s just check this out and get a better sense of what these naked folks are like.

Carson: Look at that girl over there? She’s got tiger stripes all over her! Can we take our clothes off sometime? I want to get body-painted!

Alana: Maybe, Carson. We’ll see. I’m curious to just walk around and get a better idea of what this is all about.

Brock: Perhaps we should check out the bake sale first? We do need to buy a few things.

Alana: Why don’t you do that, Brock? Most of our guests are your friends, so you have the best idea of what they might like. The kids and I will look around and get a better feel for the other activities here.

Kathya: So where should we start? I want to go play in the bounce house!

Alana: OK, you can do that. But first I want to ask some questions of the woman standing beside the sign over there that says “New to naturism? Have questions about it? I have answers!”

Kathya: Promise?

Alana: Yes, I promise. But come with me first.

Kelli Ward: [addressing Alana and her kids as they approach] Hi, folks! I’m Kelli. Looks like you’re new to naturism. Are there some questions I could try to answer for you?

Alana: Yep, we don’t really know anything about naturism. What was your first clue? Actually, we didn’t even know there was going to be a “Bare Fair” here this afternoon. I didn’t see the latest newsletter where it was announced. We just came for the bake sale. But since we’re here – and my husband is too, but he’s checking out the baked goods – we figured this was a great opportunity to learn something about naturism.

Kelli: Well, helping people learn about naturism is the main reason we’re here today. So ask me anything you’d like.

Alana: Oh, gosh. My husband, Brock, and I know essentially nothing about it. To be honest, Brock wasn’t sure he even wanted to know more, but maybe he’s just not in a very sociable mood today. He’s like that, sometimes. Anyhow, I don’t know what to ask first. Perhaps you can tell us a little about how you got into naturism. Were you raised in a naturist family?

Kelli: No, definitely not. In fact, my daughter, Alyssa, and I have only been going naked for a pretty short time. But very soon after we encountered it, we decided to start being naked as much as possible.

Alana: Really? You mean you don’t wear any clothes unless you have to?

Kelli: Yep, that’s right. But that’s just me and Alyssa. Not all naturists are like that. Some folks get naked only when they participate in naturist activities, like skinny dipping or parties with other naturists. Some folks are naked at home or elsewhere when they feel like it, and other times are happy to wear clothes. And a few folks are like me and Alyssa. Naturists are a fairly diverse bunch.

Alana: So, what motivated you to become naturists and stop wearing clothes?

Kelli: Well, it’s a long story. I’m happy to talk about myself, but I’ll be very brief, because I want to tell you as much as I can about naturism instead of just about me. In a nutshell, I haven’t had an easy life. I no longer have any contact with Alyssa’s father, and we were sort of living on a shoestring. I really wanted to study to become a nurse, but could hardly afford to rent a dinky apartment and buy food – and study too. Then I happened to meet a cousin I didn’t even know I had and her family. They’d all just become naturists themselves very recently, and they’re here today, in fact. I’ll point them out to you.

Alana: I hope we’ll meet them.

Kelli: OK, so anyhow when I got to know my cousin, Jan, and her family, they generously offered to let me and Alyssa move into a spare room they had at their home in town here. They wouldn’t charge me anything for that! So I was then able to enroll at a nursing school nearby – and I’m getting along very well there. Jan and her family had stopped wearing clothes at home, but they didn’t put any pressure at all on me and Alyssa to do that. Since they were always naked and seemed perfectly comfortable that way I felt it was only fair for me to acknowledge their generosity by experimenting with going naked too. I didn’t pressure Alyssa to also go naked – it was just her choice.

Alana: Did you start being naked right away then?

Kelli: Oh, at first I was naked only off and on. Alyssa got comfortable not wearing clothes more quickly than I did. But before long we both were naked at Jan’s home as much as the rest of them. And that’s really all there is to say about it. Oh, by the way, Alyssa’s here today too. She’s about the same age as your daughter, so you really ought to meet her. I don’t know exactly where she is at this moment, but I’ll have her look for you. There must be questions your kids would like to ask her.

Alana: Sounds great to me. I don’t really know how long we can stay this afternoon, but I’m sure we’d enjoy talking with Alyssa.

Kelli: Fine. I’ll give you my cell phone number so you can call me if you have to leave without satisfying all your curiosity about naturism. There really isn’t anything magic about becoming a naturist. At least, it’s very easy in this town, because we have a small but enthusiastic group of naturists already, so there are naturist activities going on – like this one – and other naturists to socialize with. Really, it simply depends on your own curiosity and motivation to try it.

Alana: Well, it wouldn’t be just my own motivation, but the rest of my family’s motivation too. My kids seem to be very curious to find out more, but I’m not so sure about my husband’s level of interest. He seemed to be kind of dubious about the idea when we got here.

Kelli: Definitely you should at least get your husband’s approval for you and your kids to become involved in naturism. It shouldn’t be a source of tension in your family. But as long as your husband has no serious objections to what the rest of you decide, he doesn’t have to get involved if he doesn’t want to.

Alana: OK, I understand. So, what specific steps do you think we might take, if any of us are interested in going further?

Kelli: There are several alternatives. The simplest thing to do is just to start going naked at home when you feel like it. You’ll become more comfortable being naked, and others will get used to seeing you naked.

Alana: Really? That’s all there is to it? People who’ve worn clothes essentially all the time can get used to not wearing any, just like that?

Kelli: Maybe, maybe not. Everyone’s different. It was fairly easy for Alyssa and me. I don’t know exactly why, but it was. There are smaller steps you can take, like just not wearing anything when you go to bed. Or if you have a swimming pool, being naked only when you’re in it or around it. Getting into it slowly is fine, if that works best for you.

Alana: Sounds good. So, once one gets a little comfortable being naked around other people, what next? Do folks in your naturist group welcome new people to participate in their activities?

Kelli: Yes, absolutely. That’s pretty much the whole point of this Bare Fair. The group’s just getting started, so we really want new members. Some groups elsewhere that have existed for many years aren’t always welcoming to new people. But you don’t need to worry about that here. We’re very interested in attracting more people to naturism – because the more naturists we have the more varied sorts of activities we can share.

Alana: All right, so besides something like this Bare Fair, what other activities is the group planning for the near future?

Kelli: We’re talking about a number of things. A few weeks ago the U. U. congregation that runs this bake sale invited all of us to join them one evening for a spaghetti dinner.

Alana: Yes, I’ve heard about that already.

Kelli: Meeting those people hosting us was a lot of fun. Obviously, we all hit it off pretty well together – which made it possible to combine this Bare Fair with their regular bake sale. I’m sure we’ll have events like that again, but I don’t think anything’s been scheduled yet. It’s getting on towards the end of summer, so I don’t know how many more activities we can have outdoors. The only one we’ve planned for sure is a group camping trip. We’ve got a group campsite reserved just for us late in August. Does your family enjoy camping?

Alana: Yes, although we don’t have many opportunities to do it as a family. Each of us always seems to have other things going on, so scheduling activities together is kind of tricky. But Brock does like camping. He takes off a few times every summer to go camping by himself or with some buddies. Would everyone on this thing you have planned need to be naked?

Kelli: No, not at all. They’d have to be quite comfortable with others being naked, but they could abstain if they wanted to. Although, frankly, I think it would be a shame if they didn’t join in.

Alana: Are there any plans for indoor activities yet – other than group meals?

Kelli: Since our group has only really gotten going this summer, there aren’t many fairly firm plans, but we have plenty of ideas. One of the young women in our group is into theater and drama. She’s had college courses in theater and is already starting to work with a few people in the group – of diverse ages – on finding easy one-act plays that they could put on for the group – and perhaps even for folks who aren’t naturists. Most or all of the performers would be naked, of course. Alyssa is very interested in that herself, and she’s already studied a couple of parts to rehearse for plays that might be performed. She’s sort of a ham, so it’s fun to watch her practicing her lines.

Alana: That’s interesting. I had a few college courses in theater myself, and actually performed in a play in high school. Not naked, of course. Other activities?

Kelli: Yes, and you might be interested in this. We have a women’s group. It’s for any naturist women – as well as for women – possibly like yourself – who are curious about naturism but want to ease into it gradually, if at all. The group meets for lunch several times a month, at different people’s homes, and it’s only for women, of any age – but no men. It’s easier for some women to get comfortable with social nudity without men around, who could complicate the experience for them.

Kathya: Are girls welcome too?

Kelli: Oh, yes, absolutely. I go to most of those lunches, and so does Alyssa. Usually there are also women and girls who’re new to the group. It’s not required to be fully naked to begin with. It’s OK for everyone to wear whatever they’re comfortable with – but the less the better. Some decide not to get fully into naturism, but maybe half the time they do. Perhaps those who don’t get into it quickly will eventually work our whatever body acceptance issues they may have and then become more involved. That seems to be the main problem for women – how they feel about their bodies.

Alana: Is there something similar for men?

Kelli: No, not yet, anyhow. I guess men just aren’t into things like luncheon hen parties. Also, they’re somewhat more likely to have day jobs, so they’re not able to get off a few hours for lunch. But the idea is being explored.

Brock: [who, together with Carson, had approached his wife and Kelli unnoticed] So, have you learned all about naturism yet, Alana?

Alana: Oh, hi, Brock. You startled me. No, I haven’t learned all about it yet, but I think I’ve learned a lot from Kelli here. Kelli, this is my husband, Brock.

Kelli: [holding out her hand to shake Brock’s] I’m pleased to meet you, Brock. Alana has been asking me some very good questions about naturism, and I think I’ve cleared up a few things for her.

Carson: Look at me, Mom. I’m a space alien!

Alana: I see. That paint job makes you look quite alien. I just hope it washes off easily enough.

Carson: A guy named Eric was doing the painting. He says it washes off without much trouble. He’s really good at it, and he did just what I asked for – green all over, with lots of black and silver spirals. It was sort of like a picture he showed me in a book of pictures of things he’s done for others.

Alana: It’s very nice, Carson. Where are your clothes?

Carson: We put them back in the car. I don’t need ’em. Can I stay painted like this all day?

Alana: Don’t you think some of that paint will get on the seats when it’s time to go home?

Brock: Eric claims it’s easy to wash off. But just in case, he gave us some large pieces of newsprint to put on the seats.

Kathya: Mom! Can I please go play in the bounce house now?

Kelli: I think we’ve had a fine discussion, Alana. Kathya has been very patient while we’ve been talking. So she deserves some time having fun in the bounce house. Here’s my cell phone number. You can call or text me any time if you have more questions or want to know whether I have more information about activities our group’ll be doing.

Alana: Thank you for all the information, Kelli. You’ve been very helpful.

Kelli: Oh, I see my daughter, Alyssa, now. She’s over there – with the bright red hair in a ponytail. I bet Kathya will enjoy meeting her. She loves the bounce house too. They can both go bounce together.

Kathya: Come on, Mom. Let’s go.

Alana: OK, OK, Kathya. Maybe Brock and Carson would like to come along.

Carson: Sure, I like bounce houses too.

Kathya: [tugging on her mother’s hand] Mom, can I take all my clothes off too, like Carson?

Alana: Yeah, I guess so. Is that OK with you Brock?

Brock: I suppose so. We’ll both be watching the kids, so we shouldn’t have to worry about them.

Kathya: [speaking to Alyssa as they approached her] Hi, Alyssa. I’m Kathya, and this is my Mom, Dad, and Carson. Mom and I were just talking with your mother, and she said we ought to meet you. She also said you like the bounce house. Wanna go in there and jump a bit? Doesn’t look like too many others in there now.

Alyssa: Sure. It’s nice to meet you, Kathya. Is anyone in your family besides Carson a naturist?

Carson: I just took my clothes off to get painted. Does that make me a naturist?

Alyssa: [giggling slightly] No, not necessarily. It just means you just feel OK without any clothes on. I have friends who get naked with me sometimes, but they don’t consider themselves naturists.

Kathya: Mom said it’s OK for me to take my clothes off too. Hold on a second so I can get naked, OK?

Alyssa: Of course. Everything’s more fun when you do it naked! It’s the best way to do almost anything – as long as it’s not too cold, or there aren’t lots of mosquitoes around, or something like that.

Kathya: Don’t you get sunburned easily?

Alyssa: No, I don’t if I’m careful. [giggling again] But I do have lots of freckles, as you can see – even on my butt! You know what they say: “She has freckles on her butt, she’s beautiful!”

Alana: OK, kids, here’s the bounce house. Your Dad and I will just stand out here and watch. Have a great time!

Brock: Carson and Kathya, you can have about half an hour, max. It’s getting late, and I need to get home to mow the lawn before it rains.

Kathya: OK, Dad, just let us know when the time’s up.

Alana: [speaking to Brock after the kids left] So, did you get us some yummy things for the party?

Brock: Yep.

Alana: That shouldn’t have taken long. You had plenty of time to let Carson get painted. Did you see anything else that interested you here?

Brock: Oh, not much more. I did have a chat with a young woman who’s a professional photographer. She doesn’t really consider herself a naturist, but she does seem quite comfortable in her bare skin.

Alana: Yes, I noticed the two of you talking. Does she seem nice?

Brock: Nice? Well, she’s very easy to talk with, a fairly warm person, if that’s what you mean. I guess when you’re a professional photographer who works with models a lot you need good people skills.

Alana: No doubt. Did you happen to get her name?

Brock: Yeah. She even gave me her business card. Her name’s Skye. Sort of unusual.

Alana: I’ve heard of others with that name. Is Skye from around here?

Brock: No, but her parents are. Her father has an insurance agency downtown. So she visits here a lot.

Alana: So, what did you and Skye talk about?

Brock: Oh, one thing she likes to do is formal photographs of families in natural settings – where everyone’s naked. She wondered whether we’d be interested in something like that. She’d charge us only for the materials to make prints, not for her time.

Alana: Why would a family want to do that – unless, of course, they’re naturists?

Brock: Skye claims that there are actually a number of families that aren’t naturist, but are interested in having that sort of picture. Sometimes they’re people who like being naked at home. But sometimes they just want that sort of picture to remind themselves of what they were like when they and their kids were young.

Alana: And did that sound interesting to you?

Brock: Are you kidding? I can’t say that the idea particularly intrigued me.

Alana: I didn’t think you’d be.

Brock: Would you find that interesting?

Alana: I don’t know. Maybe. But of course, it wouldn’t be the sort of thing we’d want to display on the wall.

Brock: No, definitely not.

Alana: However, Carson and Kathya don’t seem to be especially inhibited as far as nudity is concerned. A picture like that could be sort of a family heirloom that they could show their own kids some day.

Brock: Yeah, perhaps.

Alana: OK, no need to go any further with that. Did you see anything else interesting?

Brock: Well, Carson and I walked by a few people, of various ages, who were practicing yoga – all naked, of course. I suppose people who are into yoga and that sort of thing might also be more open to doing it naked. Can’t say it especially interests me.

Alana: Was there somebody leading the exercises?

Brock: Yes – another young woman named Sally Yeager. She’s now in this naturist group, but I gather she’s not a professional yoga teacher, though she’s been doing yoga for a while. Besides yoga, she’s into outdoor sports too.

Alana: Sounds like you must have talked with her a little.

Brock: Yeah, the yoga group was just finishing up as Carson and I walked by.

Alana: Anything else interesting come up in the discussion?

Brock: Um, yeah. She said that these naturists are planning to hold a group campout sometime late in August.

Alana: Yeah, Kelli mentioned that too. Did that idea appeal to you at all?

Brock: Well, it did sound intriguing. But I can’t really see us doing that.

Alana: Why not? Kelli said they wouldn’t expect everyone to be naked.

Brock: Perhaps not, but I’d still feel rather out of place being among just a few who kept some clothes on. Wouldn’t you?

Alana: I suppose so. But who knows? I might be less inhibited somewhere out in the backwoods. You and I used to skinny dip occasionally on long hikes when we were younger, before the kids came along.

Brock: That’s true, but it was just the two of us. Lots of people do that when they’re young and frisky. You can’t imagine us doing that now in a fair size group, can you?

Alana: I don’t really know. But it seems like we’ve let the kids have their thirty minutes in the bounce house. So maybe it’s time to call it a day and head home – so you can mow the lawn.

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