Recent additions to the blogroll (2/25/19)

I’ve updated the blogroll to add new blogs (and remove a few that are no longer active). The best way, I think, to show what these blogs have to offer is to link to one of the blog’s recent interesting posts. I think you should find most or all of these rather good reads. So here’s the list:

A Naked Girl

Wonderful reasons to start undressing


Tats & Pubes & Nudists

DeAnza Springs Resort

Ways to Become Comfortable with Nudity

Naturism Girl

How to stay nudist during winter?

Nude in Canada

The Nude Effect

In addition to those items that involve original writing, there are a couple of blogs that refer to interesting articles from other sources.

Naturism in Cornwall

Why millennials keep getting naked in public

The Discerning Naturist

6 Reasons to Spend More Time Naked

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