Benefits of social nudity: finding something good that’s missing from your life


Ordinary life, for most people, is missing something very good: being naked, for its own sake, while doing something enjoyable with people you like. Because most people seldom, if ever, experience that, they aren’t even aware of what they are missing. Most people who enjoy social nudity say they like it just because “it feels good.” But there’s really more to it than that.

Everyone has experienced nudity in ritualized activities like bathing and sex. However, quite apart from that, nudity is a normal, natural human state that is pleasurable in and of itself. Once an individual experiences this state in routine, everyday situations – especially social situations – wanting to enjoy nudity for its own sake makes a lot of sense – unless inhibitions conditioned by society interfere. When this inhibition occurs routinely, a valuable part of human experience goes missing.

Here’s a thought experiment. Think of what it would be like if you were suddenly deprived of something that you especially enjoy and is a big part of your life – such as hiking in the woods, watching good movies, or eating your favorite foods. You would probably be quite unhappy. It is said that we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it.

Now think about something you’ve never tried, or even considered – like social nudity. Suppose it were quite like other things that you especially enjoy and are a big part of your life. Then if it isn’t yet part of your life but you just discover it, you should feel just as much additional happiness as you would lose if you were deprived of it.

To be sure, social nudity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you haven’t tried it, how could you be sure? Perhaps your life without nudity is as incomplete as it would be without certain things you already enjoy. Even if you are interested in social nudity, it could be you’ve underestimated how much your life is incomplete without it.

Someone who hasn’t considered social nudity but decides to try it could add something valuable to his or her life. It could provide new opportunities that significantly enhance overall life satisfaction. Different people will find different benefits of social nudity to be especially enjoyable. Perhaps certain other social nudists are just your kind of people and would be great additions to your circle of friends. Or perhaps there are social nudists who also enjoy some activities that you already enjoy and are best done with others – particular sports, cooking, camping, or gardening, for example. Finding people like that could help you avoid missing out on any number of the finer things in life.

Or perhaps you are in a long-term relationship with someone, and you are both looking for something new to do together that would enhance and deepen your relationship. Social nudity with others, or maybe just being naked together more of the time, might be that extra something to enhance your lives. If you already have a family, everyone in the family might enjoy the new shared activities that are possible with other social nudists. Without social nudity, valuable experiences you could enjoy as a family might be missing.

As has been said here before, nakedness is the special sauce that enhances so many of life’s finest, most profound experiences. You might find that life without nudity is lacking in something, just like chocolate cake without frosting, mashed potatoes without gravy, or hot dogs without mustard and relish. (If those aren’t food preferences of yours, think of examples that are.)

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24 Responses to Benefits of social nudity: finding something good that’s missing from your life

  1. Happy Bare says:

    Great Post!

  2. nudemarc says:

    Reblogged this on Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy and commented:
    Nudity is good, social nudity is great. Why settle for the good, when you can have the great? Go for it, get naked with others!

  3. Ah, food for thought! I see what you did there.

    But seriously, great points to consider.

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  5. topperc says:

    Well done. Could not agree more. The point of our blog is to hit on how social nudity can be an enriching experience for couples when they travel. What starts as a nice first time treat for couples while on vacation can turn into the reason they go on vacation or better yet spend time together naked at home. Very nice blog.

  6. naturalian says:

    Reblogged this on Naturalian's Blog and commented:
    Until you have tried it how do you know, I did,long ago and it’s great!

  7. shaverxxx says:

    Why only naked at a beach and not up in the mountains.

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  9. esserenudo says:

    What a wonderful post! Thank you! I’ve published an Italian translation on my blog:

  10. carlnudi says:

    Reblogged this on Look at Both Sides Now and commented:
    Excellently written. Expresses most of my views in a way I never could.

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  12. Friskystu says:

    Very well said, excellent.

  13. Would you believe that posting an article like this is illegal in Arkansas? It is a crime to “advocate, demonstrate, or promote nudism”, even on private property! Pretty ironic considering Arkansas is known as “The Natural State”. Even stranger, the penalties for “advocating” (i.e. talking about) nudism are more severe than participating in prostitution. Full details about this law can be found at

  14. billlittlejohn says:

    Life is best when you live it naked .

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