People may hate you for being different

Being different 01

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9 Responses to People may hate you for being different

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Several of our friends on learning of our nude lifestyle have remarked, “oh we could never do that” ! So we have invited select ones to join us at the resort to actually have the experience first hand. Their response, “we would if we don’t have to get undressed and just observe”. Duh !!!! So while they may not agree with us they are definitely voyeurs at heart weather they agree or not !!

  2. nudemarc says:

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    Les gens peuvent vous détester car vous êtes différent et ne vivez pas selon les standards de la société, mais tout au fond d’eux-mêmes, ils voudraient avoir le courage d’en faire autant.

  3. hedonix says:

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    As a sign, it may be only a sign of the times. To me, it is less about the nervous naked girls and the signs they are hiding behind (you noticed that, right?) and more about the added expression.

    • This is from a series of photos. Apparently the young women were promoting a naturist group. The other pictures make it clear they weren’t hiding anything. The sign is just a sign – about what they were promoting. The location was somewhere in Europe. There’s certainly almost no place in the U. S. this could have occurred.

  4. naturalian says:

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    We are all different but the same

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