Nudity makes us think

And there’s quite a lot to think about in this 10 minute video made by Thomas Lundy:

The ideas here are all offered by women, so men may find them somewhat unsettling. But that need not be so.

Perhaps you’d like to experience nudity in a way that’s rather different from what you find in a traditional naturist context like a nude beach or nudist resort. If so, you might find it interesting to invite some of your nudity-tolerant friends – both men and women – to spend an evening naked discussing the ideas expressed in this video.

Biographical note: As a student at the University of Toronto (1998-2000) Lundy started a successful student naturist group.

For more information on Lundy, you might check out some of the following:

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5 Responses to Nudity makes us think

  1. Thomas Lundy tweets to a podcast interview where he talks at length about his work: (starting at 17:25)

  2. Jasen says:

    Look how long ago those movies were made. Where are the current naturist advocates making shorts challenging the textile culture?

    • Sadly, it doesn’t seem that there are many people among naturists who know how to communicate effectively in any medium – film, books (fiction or nonfiction), etc. Even among older works, what great things have appeared to tell the naturist story? Educating Julie? Films of Doris Wishman? Hardly. It’s embarrassing to watch or read most of what’s been done. There’s no depth or a compelling and believable narrative to them. On top of that, even the best of what’s there is difficult to find or access, because there’s such heavy censorship by the commercial media of anything that deals positively with nudity. And any nudity that actually gets through is pixellated out – which loudly proclaims that it is simply wrong to see nudity in more than glimpses. Only fine art (painting, sculpture, photography) seems to show nudity with force and eloquence. Jock Sturges is a fine example – but he almost went to jail for it. And even seeing very artistic nudity does not help that much to explain naturism and clothes-free living to the average person. Static art like photography is eloquent, and can communicate on an emotional level, but it’s not so good at narrative explanation and logical argument.

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