Nature was meant to be experienced naked


Trying to experience nature with clothes on is like trying to view a beautiful landscape in a fog. You may enjoy getting a vague idea of what’s there, but you’re missing a large part of the whole. Our skin is a sensory organ, equal to any of the others, and it’s indispensable for perceiving full reality. It’s essential to the whole experience every bit as much as our eyes to appreciate the view, our ears to hear birdsong or rushing water, or our nose to smell the flowers and forest.

Nature should be experienced with the entire body – as Walt Whitman said, “which I will not have blinded or bandaged any more than the eyes.”

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26 Responses to Nature was meant to be experienced naked

  1. Happy Bare says:

    Lovely post! I can’t wait till it gets warm enough to go outside.

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  3. Johnny C. says:

    Well put. Speaks to me.

  4. Jasen says:

    This is one of the difficult things to communicate to textiles. “Why do you want to be naked?” Because it FEELS good. The sensation of sun, wind, water over your ENTIRE body is different and better than with even the smallest amount of clothing on. For me there’s something very special about the continuity of sensation from my waist down through the outside of my thighs. It’s a very sensory experience.

    • Same here: it feels good. But since it’s so hard to get textilers to understand this I usually just tell them what they do understand: $$$$$. I save a lot of money and time in the summer by washing less clothes. (I still need to do watt meter and water calculations to really convince people.) Also the AC doesn’t need to be turned down so low when its 115 outside if I have less clothing on.

      As prices go up I bet they’ll listen even more!

  5. sashdow says:

    Love free hiking, it feels so great and brings one incredibly close to nature! The closest I’ve ever felt to nature was when I was free hiking and it began to rain a gentle, soft, warm rain. It was bordering on the spiritual. Looking forward to more free hiking once the weather warms up (substantially). Thanks for posting.

  6. Dave says:

    Love it makes me feel

  7. don’t go in to nature in Australia!!! i have the scars.

  8. nudeyman says:

    Yes, nothing like running naked through the wilderness… I do it almost every day on my lunch break & it is the ultimate stress reliever 🙂

  9. nudeyman says:

    Reblogged this on Nudeyman and commented:
    Is there any other way to enjoy nature?

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  11. Emil says:

    Hot weather is nudist weather.

  12. marc says:

    Truth. Nothing beats being naked in the nature.

  13. Georges says:

    ………………….. S..U..P..E..R … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  15. Holey Moley says:

    I have been free hiking since last summer. It is the best thing ever. I also enjoy long bike rides with nothing on. Getting out in nature without clothes is a clear way to become human again.

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