Teaching naked yoga… and authenticity

Why I Teach Naked Yoga

If you had told me even a year ago that this is something I would ever even entertain the thought of for just five seconds, I would have said, “Go back to Andromeda where you came from, you foreign space creature, you!”

Being naked, even in my own solitude, was not something I was comfortable with.

Up until walking into that room for the first time, I was naked for only two reasons: (1) to clean myself; or (2) for the enjoyment of someone else.

Recreational nudity was not just something I didn’t do, it was something that was so completely outside my understanding.

Teaching naked yoga allows me to enjoy myself completely naked. It allows me to enjoy the physical beauty of a body that bends and lifts and breathes and beats and hums and drums. It allows me to enjoy my metaphorical nakedness—to strip bare and allow me to see myself when I take off all the many masks I wear, as it becomes impossible for me to take off my clothes and still be in disguise.

By Brentan Schellenbach, who also wrote What I Learned from Teaching…Naked

P.S.: Get an online subscription to Elephant Journal. It’s not just about Eastern spirituality. There’s lots on yoga, naked yoga, and (emotional/physical) nakedness.

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One Response to Teaching naked yoga… and authenticity

  1. Bear says:

    I will give yoga a try in 2014. There is a yoga place like three blocks from my house and a nude yoga class is held not far in Orlando Fl.

    Peace ~ Bear

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