Nakedness is the special sauce


Nakedness is the special sauce that enhances so many of life’s finest, most profound experiences:

It’s rather astonishing that most people in our society think of the pleasure of nakedness exclusively in terms only of the last item on this list. Why? The only reason, really, is that most people think of nudity and nakedness solely in terms of what society has taught them. Unfortunately, there’s way too little original, independent thinking about far too many things, and this is just one example.

Getting naked is usually regarded merely as the initial stage of a sexual encounter. It’s important and often considered a necessary preliminary, but nothing more. Having sex is very pleasurable, of course, but many people think only of the foreplay and the intercourse (and the anticipation of them) as the source of pleasure. They underestimate the extent to which nakedness enhances sexual experiences.

There’s actually, however, a rather different way to think about the relationship between nakedness and having sex. In this view, nakedness constitutes a large and important part of the total pleasure of the experience. Nakedness is a separate, independent, and very significant pleasure, all by itself, that adds to and enhances the pleasure of sex. It is – or can be – not just an incidental preliminary.

And in exactly the same way, nakedness can greatly enhance and intensify the pleasure of all the other items on the list above. Even without any sexual component at all. But just as people underestimate how much nakedness enhances sex, they tend to miss completely how it can enhance many other things.

There are several basic reasons why naturists value nakedness highly. For example, it engenders feelings of openness and closeness with others. It teaches us to accept and appreciate our bodies, rather than to despise them. It opens up means for expressing our individuality in authentic ways that are not possible when wearing clothes.

But the most basic reason of all for valuing nakedness is simply that it is so pleasurable and feels so good. Because when we are naked, our skin (the largest organ of the body) becomes an instrument of perception of the physical world, on a par with our eyes, ears, nose, and tongue. Our bare skin gives us access to a whole additional dimension of the real world. Not all the sensations we can feel in any of those modalities are pleasant, of course. We can receive very unpleasant stimuli through the other senses, as well as our skins. But most of the time we are able to avoid those. So for healthy people, most of the time, our senses deliver pleasure to us. That’s why we have senses in the first place – so we can seek out experiences that are good for us and make us happy.

So being naked while engaged in other treasured experiences is a significant pleasure that adds to and enhances so many of those experiences. It adds a unique flavor of its own without overpowering the other things – exactly as any good sauce should do.

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16 Responses to Nakedness is the special sauce

  1. Bear says:

    Tru Dat!

    Peace ~ Bear

  2. Happy Bare says:

    It seems to me that the common thread through all of there profound experiences is togetherness, togetherness with others, togetherness with self and togetherness with your environment.

  3. αNaturist says:

    couldn’t agree more!

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    Well done

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  7. esserenudo says:

    Very good article. Reblogged in Italian (with some changes) on

  8. Reblogged this on PenguinLove and commented:

    I love these parts especially:

    “Because when we are naked, our skin (the largest organ of the body) becomes and instrument of perception of the physical world…”

    “Our bare skin gives us access to a whole additional dimension of the real world.”

    This has been the profound experience for me since coming to clothes free life some 5 or 6 months ago: ACCESS to so much more that I could not feel or experience prior to being in this lifestyle. I feel like I’ve received the key to a door that led me into a kind of Alice n Wonderland feeling, because of how potent and life-changing things have become for me. Except, rather than fantasy, it’s real.

  9. clothingoptionalzone says:

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  10. nudemarc says:

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    Being naked is great. Being naked with friends is awesome. Great post.

  11. yden4466 says:

    I pity the poor, benighted Textile!

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