Of all the “luxuries” of modern civilization that only serve to make us less happy, clothing is one of the easiest to dispense with, because nudity itself is so pleasurable.

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5 Responses to Luxuries

  1. yden4466 says:

    Modern civ: Live in plastic clothes,drive plastic cars,breathe befouled air,eat artificial food. This is “civilized”. More like slave-driven morbid drudgery…
    I’d rather crawl off into the woods Natural than become any more “civilized”!

  2. Happy Bare says:

    I think that clothing might actually be one of the hardest things for people to dispense of. Most people’s visceral reaction against nakedness is clear witness to this. If it were easy there would be a lot more naked people around.

  3. erol says:


  4. crowleycreations says:

    Nothing is more realistic to the natural mind and clarity of thought than to be without the need of clothing,and basically clothing was designed for certain cold climates and not to cover th ebeauty of the body.. We all in this society shall be as one ,we share the same world and we should believe in the positive of de stressing and a happy future in us all… Stay nude and Stay Happy!! AC

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