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Authenticity, again

We’ve used the terms “authentic” and “authenticity” a lot, and given various examples, but not really offered a definition. Here are some basic dictionary definitions: au·then·tic, adj: 1. Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief 2. … Continue reading

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Nudity in art galleries and museums – an opportunity for naturists?

Commercial art galleries very commonly sell photographs, paintings, and sculptures that depict nudity. Sometimes the art involves sexuality, and sometimes not. In either case, there is a large audience and large number of potential buyers for nude art. This has … Continue reading

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Site news, 12/4/2013

A new section of links has been added in the right-hand sidebar: links to recommended sites with news about nudity, naturism, and nudism. Appropriate categories and tags have been added to all posts. The “About” page has been updated.

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I Dream of an Urban Nudist & Naturist Oasis

This discussion is from the Young Naturist America blog – and it ought to be the dream of naturists everywhere – young and old, urban and not-so-urban. Read the whole thing, including comments. Existing nudist/naturist places simply do not have … Continue reading

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Social nudity and authenticity

Playwrights don’t produce a large number of works that contain explicit nudity or even deal with the subject of nudity – or at least not works that are commonly performed. Obviously, that’s because of the formidable taboos against nudity in … Continue reading

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