The Reality of Nude Photos

The Reality of Nude Photos

This has been out there for awhile, so many may have seen the Tumblr (Growing Our My Bush) or this particular post. However, it’s worth considering here. This brave woman actually started the blog for a different reason: to document how her pubic hair grew back after shaving. And why shouldn’t one be curious about that? But she mentions something interesting she noticed:

“I took both of those pictures this morning, minutes apart. They’re both me. They’re both completely unedited. They are simply meant to show the difference between a body that is carefully designed to be sexy and well-received, and a body that is just sitting there being a naked body on a bed in the morning.”

This is something naturists become increasingly aware of as they get used to living in their own naked body. Naked bodies are just naked bodies. They may look very different from moment to moment to another observer, depending on the point of view and what the body is doing. We cannot always be posing to look “just right” – even if we are generally considered “attractive”. And it shouldn’t matter. It is actually best for others to see our naked bodies as they change from minute to minute. That’s how it all quickly becomes “no big deal”.

The rest of the blog is great also. It started out to be about pubic hair (and that’s discussed a lot on the blog). Many people, even some naturists, think pubic hair is “gross”. (While others think it’s very attractive if left “natural”.) But again, it’s all just one’s point of view, and what one has been conditioned by society to think about certain parts of the body (especially the parts where one’s legs come together).

Surprisingly, though, it seems that what has upset the most people is seeing her armpit hair. Here’s what the blog writer has to say about that:

In my opinion, is comes down to the fact that a lot of people really don’t know WHY they think something is gross, but they decide that it is, and decide to tell the world how they feel. Which is fine, people can decide whatever they want, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the world has to decide the same thing. If you’ve been personally scarred by armpit hair or it caused some horrible thing in your life to happen, I’m very sorry that my article has triggered those memories for you and I have no issue with your hatred. But if armpit hair has never done anything mean to you and you hate it simply because you have decided to hate it or because it’s something that’s unfamiliar to you and you’re attacking it for no reason, that just seems a little bit strange to me.

And this all applies so much more strongly to the shocked and disgusted reactions so many people have to seeing someone else’s genitals. Oh, the horror!

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