Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking…


Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking and can symbolize a way of living — being authentic, vulnerable, sensitive to our surroundings. It’s the feeling of enjoying warm sand beneath our toes, or carefully making our way over sharp rocks in the darkness. It’s a way of living that has the lightest impact, removing the barrier between us and nature.
– Adele Coombs, Barefoot Dreaming

(via Thoughts on Naturism)

Those important words: “authentic”, “vulnerable”, “sensitive”

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1 Response to Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking…

  1. Tim says:

    There’s also scientific reasons why going barefoot is healthy. One reason is the Earth has lots of free electrons that transfer into the body & neutralize free radicals, thin the blood, increase energy and so on.
    If everyone read the book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” I guarantee there would be a lot more barefooters!

    Also, i’m using the earthing.com sheet which might prove sleeping naked is healthy (after I do more testing).

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