Tips for expanding your naked comfort zone

If you’re a full-fledged naturist who’s happy to go naked most of the time it’s possible and physically comfortable to do so, congratulations. You probably won’t find much here that’s useful, except to share with people you know who are curious about nudity but aren’t so comfortable with it.

Otherwise, as we’ve already discussed, there will probably be certain boundaries on your personal comfort zone for being naked. You may not always know explicitly what they are, but you’ll know when you come up against them. The best way to deal with those borders is to experiment until discovering them, and then make a conscious effort to go beyond them, even if you experience a little hesitation and uncertainty. Once you do cross over and find that the other side is no big deal, you’ll be ready to tackle the next one that’s out there.

Just remember that little tune from The King and I:

Make believe you’re brave
And the trick will take you far
You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

You may be as brave
As you make believe you are

Note: If, for whatever reason, you don’t want most of your family and friends to know about your interest in naturism and social nudity, these suggestions probably won’t be very helpful to you. It’s usually possible just to find a naturist club or resort not too far away and inquire about visiting and joining. Then you can participate in naturism with only other club members, but it will probably be much less convenient. You still might want to look over these suggestions anyhow. Eventually you may feel prepared to spread the word to more people you know. That will help naturism itself grow and lead to more opportunities in the future.

The following suggestions are listed approximately in the order you may find yourself having to accept them as challenges.

Whenever possible, don’t wear shoes.

It’s a start to more completely reducing what you wear. Going barefoot is very pleasurable when you can’t be naked. Wearing flip-flops is almost as good. Not wearing ordinary shoes is acceptable almost everywhere (except maybe at work). Women often do this more naturally, but it may be unconventional enough for men to be an indication that one is comfortable with the extra exposure.

Always sleep naked.

Wearing anything while you’re asleep usually doesn’t make much sense. (Add another blanket if you get cold.) People you live with (but don’t sleep with) may see you naked occasionally, but generally not find that disturbing.

Deliberately wear only minimal clothing or none at all around your home as much as possible.

Unless people you live with object, of course. The more of the time you’re naked, the sooner it will seen completely normal to you. Cover up only minimally (at most) when answering the door. Your friends and acquaintances will quickly learn you prefer to be naked.

If you have young children and any other parent or guardian is OK with nudity, make it easy for them to adjust to your nudity at their own pace.

Pre-school children usually enjoy being naked themselves without any extra encouragement. Until they become teenagers children will generally tolerate your nudity without much question, unless they’ve already been conditioned against it. Try to explain nudity to children along with the other “facts of life” as soon as they are able to understand. Encourage any spontaneous experimentation with nudity at home that may occur, but don’t force it.

Practice some form of yoga or meditation naked.

Provided you find such things to be worth the effort, of course. There need be little expense except for time. Classes (very seldom clothing optional, however) are usually available in most places. Not only does being naked enhance practice of these disciplines, but it can probably be easily accepted by people you live with.

Consider reading the AANR/TNS series of articles on “Sharing Your Naturism”.

You can find the articles here. The material is much longer and more detailed that these tips, and a little more cautious too. For instance, it helps you decide whether you want others to even know of your interest in naturism, and it suggests many talking points that explain the benefits of naturism and offer ways to counter common objections to nudity that you may hear. But so far it doesn’t include many of the more “advanced” suggestions below.

Buy nude art, photography, and sculptures to display around your home.

Nude art is acceptable to most people who aren’t complete prudes. Reproductions of well-known works usually aren’t expensive. Having nude art around may provide conversational opportunities to discuss nudity.

Keep copies of books, periodicals, videos, and other naturist materials in accessible places around your home for visitors to see and peruse.

Like nude art, such things are conversation starters. You might even keep extra copies to lend to people who express an interest.

Write down and practice your “elevator pitch” about nudity and naturism.

An elevator pitch is a prepared and rehearsed summary of the topic you can repeat spontaneously from memory in just half a minute to a minute or two any time the subject comes up. You might use it in conversation with friends at a coffee shop (for instance) if anyone happens to mention the subject. It’s not necessary to go into more detail unless others present seem to be interested.

Make a list of the most interesting and significant specific experiences you’ve had while exploring nudity and naturism.

Once you have this list and can remember most of it, you’ll be prepared for longer conversations on the subject. Personal experiences are always more interesting and memorable to others than abstract general statements. You especially want to include things that might be humorous or even were somewhat embarrassing (at the time) – say, when you “forgot” to put something on when the pizza or UPS delivery guy came by. Also include anecdotes of any success you’ve had with persuading friends or family to try nudity. Talk about how that was successful.

Tell your friends and relatives you enjoy nudity and naturism.

If you’ve already taken the steps listed above, people you live with will know, and others you see frequently will probably know too. But don’t stop there – the more people who know of your interest and are not strongly opposed to nudity the better. They will then not be surprised if you happen to be naked in their presence, and may even suggest it to you and indicate they don’t mind if you’d like to get naked when you aren’t.

Talk about nudity and naturism with everyone who’s tolerant of nudity or at least willing to listen.

In the process of discussing nudity, you’ll think of many specific ways you find it pleasant and worthwhile – especially if you’ve already made the list just mentioned. While talking casually about nudity you’ll get over any lingering shame and embarrassment you still have about it. Surprisingly, it’s sometimes actually easier to be naked (in a spa, for instance) than to talk about how you like being naked, because in the latter case you are overtly advocating nudity.

Look for and acquire a few visual aids for explaining social nudity and naturism.

There are a lot of DVDs that deal with social nudity and naturism. AANR and The Naturist Society (in the U. S., and similar organizations in other countries) are good places to start. There is also similar stuff on YouTube. You can bring out these things when you have guests who seem especially curious and interested. Watch some of them, then discuss them with your guests.

Avoid using euphemisms for body parts that are exposed by nudity.

In any context where these body parts can be mentioned at all, never say “private parts”, “dangly bits”, “vajayjay”, or the like. Don’t hesitate to say “penis”, “testicles”, “vagina”, “vulva”, “breasts”, “nipples” or even more colloquial but explicit terms like “dick”, “balls”, “pussy”, “boobs”, etc. This helps overcome shame and embarrassment associated with those “naughty bits”.

If you haven’t yet been naked with certain friends or members of your extended family, invite them to your home sometime when it is clearly understood you plan to be naked most of the time.

There doesn’t need to be any suggestion that others will be naked, unless they really want to be, of course. There doesn’t need to be any other excuse than simply an occasion such as dinner or watching something on TV. You could say it’s just an experiment you want to try. This doesn’t have to be an occasion that you try to “sell” anyone else on the virtues of social nudity, though that might happen if there’s interest. Becoming comfortable as the only person in a group who’s naked can be a hurdle – but it may be the only option, and it can be the fastest way to make progress.

Repeat the preceding suggestion of inviting friends and relatives for a social occasion where you’ll be naked, but this time indicate you’d like to discuss it with them.

During the occasion you can talk about the experiences with nudity you’ve already made a list of, and perhaps offer to show and discuss appropriate naturist literature or videos you’ve acquired. You don’t need to suggest that others get naked too, unless they want to try it.

Plan parties and social events at your home (or at homes of appropriate friends) where clothing is specifically optional.

Gradually expand the extent of nudity that may occur, but make it clear that only guests who want to try partial or full nudity need to do so. The party could be a casual one for meals, watching TV, or playing poker (strip poker, perhaps?). But other possibilities could naturally include use of a pool or spa (if you have one), costume parties, “birthday suit” parties on someone’s birthday, and so forth.

Learn about any and all private or public facilities that allow nudity and are within a convenient distance to visit, then use them.

There are more such places in a few states like Florida and California where the climate and social attitudes are favorable, but for most of the U. S. population such opportunities exist close enough for weekend trips.

Invite family, friends, and acquaintances who are willing to accompany you to naturist places such as nude beaches or nudist resorts, even if they might not choose to get naked themselves.

Also invite friends to come along for hiking or camping trips where you’ll have occasions for being naked.

Install and use a personal spa.

Small spas are not too expensive to buy or operate, and if you have a private place to put them, they’re always available to make a good excuse for being naked, especially when nude-tolerant people are around.

If you have a private swimming pool, always use it naked.

Just about everyone will understand, and people who wouldn’t otherwise be tolerant of nudity can usually make an exception in this case. It’s your pool after all.

OK, that’s it. Perhaps you might make a “going naked bucket list” of all these suggestions and check each one off as you accomplish it. Or use it as a New Year’s resolution list – that you can start to work on any time.

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18 Responses to Tips for expanding your naked comfort zone

  1. Leo says:

    This is clearly about nudism, it even has a little touch of exhibitionistism, but it definitely isn’t naturism. I suggest you change your name to nudist philosopher, that’s more appropriate and doesn’t offend me as a true naturist.

    • I very strongly disagree. There are not merely two distinct attitudes that characterize the beliefs of people for whom nudity is important in their lives. It’s not even possible to guess an approximate number of attitudes because it depends on how finely distinctions are made and the different variables that are considered. But for certain, two particular terms are very insufficient to account for all the meaningful differences.

      One other thing is certain, too. Demanding to make narrow distinctions among the beliefs of people who value nudity is very harmful to the interests of all who hold such beliefs. We’re a small minority and cannot afford to fragment ourselves into even smaller minorities. Let’s not focus on spurious issues that divide us.

      In the U. S., one of our two largest organizations that promote ideals related to nudity calls itself The Naturist Society. Perhaps that “offends” some people, but it is what it is. This organization has as it’s motto “Body Acceptance is the Idea, Nude Recreation is the Way”. And that is just one specific perspective on the concept.

      The International Naturist Federation promotes this definition: “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views together with respect for the environment”. Notice the specific emphasis placed on “social nudity” – AND “tolerance of differing views”.

      • Leo says:

        In the light of what INF says I agree, but I’ve seen such s load of garbage lately (on the net) of people calling themselves naturists, but not respecting the ‘environment’ and that includes for me also the textilewearers. While I see similar behaviour of people calling themselves nudists, hence my blunt remarks. Apologies for that, because it was not my intention to offend anyone, I was just fed up with it at that moment.

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  4. Happy Bare says:

    An excellent article for nudists and aspiring nudists.

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    An excellent article for nudists and aspiring nudists.

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  8. marc says:

    Great article. Thx for sharing the AANR/TNS articles too.

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    Leo: Could you please define what is a true naturist for you. I often read our hear this words. Best regards

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  11. cervixsays says:

    Thank you, thank you! As a newcomer, this is fabulous advice, and I additionally appreciate the emphasis on awareness and destigmatization.

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