Nudity is still reviled in the United States

Nude activists cause a stir at protest in Castro

Gypsy Taub stood on a chair to announce her upcoming wedding Sunday and got herself arrested, cuffed and put into a police van for it.

What brought the trouble was that Taub was wearing only a bullhorn at the time, and her fiance, Jaymz Smith, was wearing less than that.



U. S. society as a whole hasn’t become significantly more tolerant of nudity in recent decades. In fact, if anything, nudity (outside of advertising or sexual titillation) is increasingly anathematized. The nudist/naturist style of nudity is still being driven out of the relatively few beaches and other outdoor public places where it was tolerated only 20 or 30 years ago.

The minority segment of U. S. society that consists of intelligent, open-minded people is still somewhat tolerant of nudity. However, it has moved beyond the ideas of 1950s style nudism – which generally tends to be regarded with condescension and disparagement, and no longer is seen as having significant value or appeal.

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